It’s those damned demons, again

gay_demonSo Franklin Graham thinks the demons are at it again.

The president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association told Eric Metaxas, a host of a Salem Radio Network talk show, that “Well, I believe it’s almost a demonic power that is trying—” when Metaxas asked him why the left was picking on poor, sweet Donald Trump. Not happy to let Graham finish his thought, Metaxas jumped in with “I would disagree. It’s not almost demonic. You know and I know, at the heart, it’s a spiritual battle.”


You can’t even disagree with these RWNJs* without them invoking demons.

It must be exhausting, though, for the evangelical crowd. So many demons creating so much hate and discontent, and nobody except their righteous selves to fight the hellspawn. They believe God himself appointed Trump to the Presidency, and that Satan has been working overtime to ruin it all.

What gets me is how freaked out they were when Bill Clinton got caught with his pants down, but the admission that Trump paid a porn star hush money to cover up his tryst with her gets hardly a passing glance. Newt Gingrich (who was cheating on his wife at the time) and Lindsey Graham both tore into Clinton about his moral failings, but now seem to think Trump’s indiscretions are nothing of import. Something’s going on there. Maybe they have some demons of their own. Maybe those demons are Russian, and have names like Kompromat.

Whatever the case, a certain segment of the evangelicals are blaming things on demons. You can’t have a rational discussion with people who believe in such things, so all we can do is vote Trump and the Republicans out next November (assuming Trump isn’t removed by the Senate after being impeached by the House) and let the right-wing echo chamber yell itself hoarse about God’s will being undone by all these demons (as if the will of creator of the Universe could be undone by anything… come on guys, is your sky-buddy all-powerful, or not??).

*right wing nut jobs

Hey, GOP? I have some questions…


Hey, Representative Stefanik? Since Chairman Schiff understandably got tired of your party’s attempt to distract from today’s proceedings by repeatedly asking for unanimous consent, item by item, of news reports regarding him saying the whistle blower would appear before Congress, that you took your time during today’s hearing to simply read a list of media coverage of those comments rather than interview the witness before you, I have a question.

Why does the GOP suddenly want people to pay attention to the “fake news media”?

Seems all rather self-serving, you know?

Also, should we start up a Go Fund Me for Representative Jordan, to get him a suit jacket? I know Congressmen complain they don’t get paid enough, and raise their salary as often as they can, but why is he the only Congressman that seems not to take his job seriously enough to dress appropriately? His official picture shows him wearing a jacket, so I assume he has at least one, unless he borrowed it from the photographer.

All these continuing news articles about him ignoring reports of sexual improprieties back in Ohio, and this is the guy the GOP wants to run point on impeachment? Maybe it’s the proper counterpoint to the President’s own history of sexual misconduct.

One thing is certain, the elephants sure know how to put on a circus. At least the donkeys are trying to get to work, and plow some ground.

It’s not Disneyland, is it?


Hey, Donald Trump! You just killed the most wanted terrorist in the Middle East! What are you going to do now?

“I’m going to the World Series!”

You heard what happened then, right?

If he wasn’t one of the biggest scumbags on the planet, I might feel a wee bit sorry for him.

But he is, so I don’t.

Melania seemed like she was having a good time, though.

“Lock him up. Lock him up.”

Batter up!

They want to throw me off a building, but they’ll need your help to do it!


Last November I went “Over The Edge”, from the 8th floor of the Marriott Hotel in Visalia. It was a fund raising event for The Source LGBT+ Center of Tulare and Kings Counties.

The crew at The Source had so much fun “throwing the 9-1-1 dispatcher off the roof” that they want to do it again, and I’m game. There’s only one problem, though.

We have to raise $1,000 to do it.

I’m at $790 at the moment, and it’s down to three weeks before the event, November 9, 2019.

I need YOUR help!

Please go >> here << and donate on my account! Small or large, every donation helps, and they’re tax deductible. You can also donate through Facebook, at this link.

The Source LGBT+ Center (Facebook page here) is an important resource for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender communities here in Tulare and Kings Counties. Your support makes it possible for us to continue those programs and activities that allow all of us to Learn, Grow, Belong, Transform, and Question.

Thank you!

I am a Founding Board member, current advisory board member, community liaison, and volunteer for The Source LGBT+ Center. 

Colorado to get a wall. New Mexico to pay for it?

Rejected early version of the Great Wall of Colorado

The President of the United States thinks there is a border wall under construction in Colorado. He thinks talking about this wall is a joke. Kansas, next door, was told it was *not* getting a wall, but would benefit from Colorado’s.

It’s not clear who is going to pay for the wall, but New Mexico has history with Colorado and their shared border.

I put this on Facebook earlier today:

“So I’m thinking about possible road trips in the future. I’m wondering if I’m going to need a passport to get past the wall in Colorado. Will I need a visa to drive through New Mexico? I figure I can just show my birth certificate (long form version) to get into Texas. I wonder if there will be any special requirements to visit Moscow? (The one in Idaho). Who knew travel inside the USA could become so complicated?”

All of the above brought to you by Vladimir Putin, Guccifer 2.0, Wikileaks, and #MAGA.

Elections have consequences.



Russian spies storm Congress

Is fake news! Work of Moose and Squirrel!

Boy, the Internet is abuzz with news that Russian spies barged into a SCIF in the capitol building today. Claiming they were trying to prevent a Soviet-like… something, a group of duly-elected (probably, it’s still difficult to be certain) Republicans stormed a committee hearing in the basement of the Capitol building, claiming they were being locked out of the investigation of President Boris Badenov… err… Donald J. Trump.

The big problem? Aside from none of them being on the committee holding the hearing, they carried their phones into the meeting in a room that is a SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. Phones and other electronic devices are banned from SCIFs to prevent eavesdropping by our enemies.

That didn’t matter to these глупый. All they wanted was video and audio for their campaign to derail the impeachment proceedings against President Badenov… err… Trump.

Security be damned, they need video clips! Onward, comrades!

Historic vote by Porterville City Council

NCOD_Porterville10152019On Tuesday, October 15, 2019, the City Council of Porterville, California, enacted a historic milestone for that community.

By a three to two vote, they approved a proclamation recognizing October 11, 2019, as “National Coming Out Day 2019” in Porterville.

Check out Tulare County Stonewall Democrat’s page, here, for a copy of the proclamation and some details on the students and activists that made it possible.

Brought before the council after the National Coming Out Day of October 11 due to a scheduling snafu, the council spent fifteen minutes discussing the proclamation. You can hear the recording of the conversation here. The proclamation agenda item begins at about the 2 hour, 55 minute mark into the recording.

Council member Milt Stowe said while he “loved” and “respected” and didn’t intend to demean anyone, his religion would not let him vote in favor, even though he has a gay son.

Mayor Martha Flores also voted ‘no’, after making comments including “I have “it” in my family”, a statement that didn’t go over well with the audience, although they maintained a respectful silence while the mayor spoke.

Vice Mayor Monte Reyes spoke on representing the entire community and voted yes.

Council member Virginia Gurrola spoke on the importance of the vote to the community and young people, and voted in favor.

Council member Daniel Peñaloza sponsored the proclamation (a requirement for proclamations now, after the 2013 fiasco. Details here, here, and here.) and voted yes.

On May 21, 2019, the Council also approved a proclamation recognizing May 22 as Harvey Milk Day in Porterville. This was the first gay-friendly act by the Council since the 2008 vote to urge citizens to vote in favor of Proposition 8, to remove marriage rights from gay Californians.

The city has come a long way since 2013, due in no small part to new blood on the council. For a look at what happened that summer, read my blog post, “Hate in a small town.” That blog was printed in the Visalia Times Delta‘s September 21-22, 2013 edition, in their “We The People” section.

Congratulations, Porterville. The LGBT community of Tulare County looks forward to continued growth in your support and understanding.

Image: Mayor Martha Flores, Sky Hunter, Ofiejane Castillo, Rocio Alcantar, and Brock Neeley 

A new focus

jim_10112019 So there’s a new focus for this site. Up until now, it had been only a place to archive my blog posts at the Visalia Times Delta. Gannett, the owner of the Times Delta, “updated” their platforms sometime in December of 2018, and I’ve been unable to post since then. Despite multiple attempts by the local staff of the Times Delta to get the problem resolved, the site remains broken for me. I’ve decided to just let it go and do my posting here, instead.

Like the paper’s site, I’ll post whatever pops into my head at any given time. That means there’s no real theme here, other than LGBT issues, and things that interest me. As my personal blog, says, when it comes to enjoying this site, “your mileage may vary”.