NOH8 Campaign visits Fresno 7/14/12

Adam Bouska brought his NOH8 Campaignphoto shoot to Fresno today (Friday 7/13/12). As part of the international campaign for LGBT civil rights, Adam and his partner Jeff Parshley take their NOH8 team to cities across the United States, and have visited Canada and the UK.

Today’s photo shoot was at Fresno’s Big Red Church.  (See, other Fresno churches? It’s possible to be a well respected religious order, and still be affirming and welcoming!) Over 775 people checked “attending” on the Facebook event page, so promoters are expecting a large turnout.

Groups and individuals donate to NOH8 to have world-class photographer Adam Bouska take their picture, and over 25,000 images of people sporting their NOH8 (temporary) tattoos have been taken so far.  You can check out every picture at the NOH8 Campaign’s site.  You will see a lot of “regular folks”, but you will also see some very famous people there as well!  Celebrities have been flocking to join in, and add their voice to the NOH8 campaign.

The photo shoots have become a movement phenomenon, and have become a “must do” among those who believe in equal rights for everyone.  Started in response to California’s Proposition 8, it now encompasses all forms of bigotry and inequality.

It will be several weeks before the actual photo is ready, so I get to patiently (yeah right) wait along with hundreds of other central valley activists for our pictures to be processed and then posted.  The picture above was taken with my iPhone while I waited to step into Adam’s photography set, and it will have to do until the actual photo is available.  Let’s hope time flies as we’re all having fun in the summer heat!

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