The Other Road 9/9/12

This will not be a blog musing about roads not taken, or choices not made.  It’s not about mistakes or regrets.  It’s not even about choices made that worked out wonderfully.  Instead, it’s about discovering something new, even though it’s old.

I’ve been a dispatcher with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office for more than 18 years.  Saturday I was introduced to “The Other Road”.



“The Other Road” is an actual street name in Kennedy Meadows.  So is “Up The Hill Road”.  Other roads in the area have more traditional names, but these two jumped out at us during this weekend’s shift.

Kennedy Meadows is located in southeastern Tulare County, and is about as remote a place as this county provides.  It’s a long way from anywhere, and the people (and Deputies who patrol the area) are a special breed.  The tend to be independent, and prefer the solitude and quiet of that remoteness.

“The Other Road” brought itself to my attention after another dispatcher took a call from someone reporting something occurring there.  (I never even bothered to find out what the call was about, I was just fascinated by the street name!)  I was busy with my duties in the center, when I became peripherally aware of another dispatcher dealing with a caller, and I heard her trying to determine where “the other road” was, exactly.  We usually deal with people who have no idea what the names of nearby streets are, and end up pulling up a map of the area in question, and figuring it out for ourselves.  Later, as we were discussing calls amongst ourselves, “The Other Road” came up, and that’s when I discovered it wasn’t a case of “it’s over on that other road”, but was a real street name in my county!  Of course I had to pull the map up and check that out, and lo and behold, there it was!  “The Other Road”.  Intersecting with “Up The Hill Road”.

Eighteen years, and I had never heard of it before.  I’ve even driven through the area, but that was 15 years ago or so, and I was completely unaware of these streets.  When I go back to work after my days off, I’m going to be scanning the map during slow times to see if I can find other odd street/place names here in Tulare County.  I’m sure we have plenty.

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