A few thoughts on the election of 2012 11/7/12


I’m greatly relieved President Obama and Vice President Biden won re-election.  Going into the evening I was very concerned that just enough of us might suspend our usual sense disbelief and hand Romney the Presidency.  It’s not that I think Americans are easily conned by someone who reminds me more of a used-car salesmanthan a statesman, but we sometimes forget our natural skepticism when confronted with stories that sound good.  The GOP, and their media surrogates, worked long and hard to build a false image of the President and his goals, and I was not confident that enough people would see through the smokescreen.  Fortunately, I was wrong on that count, and enough voters realized you can’t fix in four years that which took eight to break.  I’m looking forward to four more years of advancements in social issues, and hopefully some cooperation from the GOP House and Senate members.  I’m also hoping Senator McConnell, after failing in his previously stated goal of making the Presidency of Barack Obama a one term affair, doesn’t decide to continue attempting to thwart the President’s agenda simply out of spite.  I hope.  I’m not holding my breath, however.

The conservatives in California will probably be in vapor lock over a modest increase in taxes, but I’m glad to see enough Californians recognize the benefits to a temporary increase to battle the losses we’ve suffered after the economic crash.  (I know, I know…  the chant will be that ‘temporary’ won’t be.  We’ll see.)

I’m sorry to see the death penalty remain.  There are plenty of people on death row who deserve that fate, and I wouldn’t mourn their passing.  As DNA technology has advanced, however, we’re discovering much too often that people convicted of death penalty crimes are innocent.  I find it unacceptable that we may very well be executing innocent people.  Along with the cost savings of life-in-prison over death penalty appeals, those who really are innocent would have continued to have the chance to prove their innocence.  Those who remain in prison experience a real penalty for their crimes, a penalty that literally lasts a lifetime.  I see a life in prison as much more of a deterrent than the threat of death in ten or twenty years.

We don’t want labels on our food telling us where it comes from?  Really?  Another head shaker.

Very good, California, on 32.  Let’s not let the union busters get a grip here.  This wasn’t an attempt to protect workers from evil union bosses, this was an attempt to silence political speech.

Locally, I’m sorry to see Devin Nunes waltz into another term, although I do consider it a positive that about a third of the electorate does see the need to put someone in office who will actually work for them, and not someone who spend most of his time raising money for other Republicans.  Thank you, Otto Lee, for putting up a challenge to Nunes.  It’s a shame he didn’t have the courage to actually face you, or his constituents, in any public forums.  Maybe next time.  I’m not holding my breath on that one, either.

I’m a bit surprised district elections failed in Visalia.  I’m glad to see the school bond issue pass.

On a side note, to the elections board of Tulare County, can’t we find other locations to host voting?  I really don’t like the idea of voting in a church.  I’d like a little more separation between church and state.  Also, having me drive a mile from my home to vote is really annoying, when there is a polling site directly across the street.  That’s just really poor district design.

Over all, I’m pretty happy with the election results.  Marriage equality made historic advances, being approved by voters in several states.  Massachusetts dumped Brown for Warren, we will now have the first openly gay Federal Senator,  and none of the “legitimate rape” candidates won office.  There may be hope for the GOP, but they appear to have returned Michele Bachmann to office, so there’s a lot of road for them to travel yet.


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