The smell of money 12/5/12

Although I really don’t care for the cold (the bane of a skinny person), the fog doesn’t bother me most of the time.  Even when it’s really socked in, pea-soup or London-fog thick, I can deal.  I live close to my work site, and the drive is in town, so it’s usually not a problem to commute.  There’s only one thing about foggy weather I sometimes don’t like.  The smell.

When the weather patterns are just right, there must be some kind of inversion or something that locks down the air, and we’re reminded quite dramatically of one of our primary industries.  Yep, you can smell the money.

If you’ve grown up around here, or anywhere near a dairy (or a hog farm, or other such facility, I assume) you’ve heard the old adage “that’s the smell of money”.   It’s always struck me odd that some people thought money smelled like…  well, you know, but apparently it does.  When that fog sets in just right, the smell of money hugs the ground, and seeps right into town.

I could use a little less money on nights like tonight.


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