This time I got a picture! 11/11/12


The Otto Lee campaign held a thank-you gathering at the Democratic Party’s office in Visalia Saturday afternoon.  Otto spoke to the crowd gathered to celebrate the overall results of Tuesday’s elections, and to remind them that while the race for the 22nd Congressional District of California was lost, changing demographics do not bode well for the GOP, here or across the nation, if they don’t seriously change how they relate to voters, and how they act on issues of national import, the future for them is dim.

I had another chance to sit and talk with Otto during the gathering, and he continues to impress me with the depth of his knowledge, and his ability to connect with people on a personal level.  (and just to deflate the inevitable snarky comments about the subject of my discussions with Otto, Saturday’s chat didn’t touch on *ANY* LGBT specific issues, at all!  Zip. Zilch. Nada. None.)

I don’t know if Otto will run again in 2014, but I hope he does.  By that time, Devin Nunes will have had 12 years in office, with precious little to show for it.  In the ten years he’s been there so far, he’s had two bills of his passed by Congress.  One of them was to name a federal facility.  Not a great track record for someone who represents, at the same time, the richest agricultural region in the Country, and one of the poorest, with some of California’s highest unemployment.  I hope in the next election voters ask themselves “what has Nunes done for us lately (or at all)?”  If they do, I suspect many will vote him out of office.

Otto Lee won 36.9% of the vote in a traditionally Republican region.  That should be a wake-up call to both Democrats and Republicans.  Voting patterns are changing, the demographics of the region are in flux, and ‘what once was’ is rapidly becoming ‘what is no more’.

I learned something interesting at the meeting.  Otto speaks 3 dialects of Chinese.  I wonder how useful that could be for a Congressman working on trade relations for our region’s agricultural industry?  China is a burgeoning market for Central Valley ag, and having someone who can speak to the Chinese in their own languages would be a great asset.  If we’re lucky, someday soon we’ll have a chance to see.


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