The NRA shoots itself in the foot. Again. 12/21/12

Did you see the video clip here on the Times Delta’s site?  The one where NRA’s Wayne LaPierre blames video games for school massacres?  Unbelievable.

I suppose it was too much to hope that what used to be a hunting and sport shooter’s safety and training organization would return to those roots, but it’s clear the NRA is nothing more than a gun manufacturer’s lobby group now, with only industry profits as their guiding principles.

How many millions, perhaps tens of millions, of people have played those video games and have never grabbed an assault weapon and committed murder?  While many of us can agree that the video games are their own issue, and a problem, it’s clear they are not the real source of the increasing number of high-victim-count shootings across the United States in recent years.

It’s the easy availability of weapons of mass destruction, that are easily portable, and ammunition clips that allow scores of bullets to be fired before requiring reloading, that are the problems.  We can restrict weapons of war to the military without infringing on anyone’s Constitutional rights.  That is, we can if we stop the NRA’s ceaseless worshiping at the alter of gun maker’s profits.  Until then, the deep pockets of that industry will continue to buy politicians, and despite repeated polls that show a vast majority of Americans support gun regulations, children in school and people in movie theaters will continue to die at the hands of a few nutjobs who can easily purchase or steal WMDs that they can carry under a large jacket.

In my previous post, I said the NRA adds 20 children to it’s death roster.  The comments from readers fell along predictable lines.  A few who disagreed with me did so in a respectable manner, but most were simply insulting and name calling.  Those readers don’t want a reasonable conversation about the subject, they simply want to shout and call names.  Their assault weapons are more important to them than the lives of 20 children across the country, and they’re firmly in the camp that believes the right to keep and bear arms means they can own any weapon they want.  None of them answered any of my questions regarding the need for a well regulated militia.

The NRA has lost all credibility on the issue of guns.  While they once were a respectable organization, teaching the proper use of firearms for defense, hunting, and sports, now they are nothing more than cover for gun makers to hide behind, and fight a proxy war with the forces of reason, all to protect their profit margins.

It won’t be too long before we’re doing this all again…  mourning the death of many people, at the hands of a broken mind with a Seal Team Six weapon of war.  All thanks to the NRA.

late edit: at least one report that there was a weapons screening at the NRA press conference.  Apparently the NRA doesn’t want guns at their press conference supporting guns!  If true, a wonderful irony!

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