Credit Where Due: Nunes Votes Yes on VAWA 2/28/13

Devin_Nunes,_officialI admit I’m a bit surprised – Devin Nunes voted in favor of the bi-partisan version of the Violence Against Women Act.  The bill included protections aimed at Native American, immigrant and LGBTQ communities that were not in earlier bills, and that were deliberately left out of a Republican version that was defeated 166 to 257.

The final vote for the Violence Against Women Act was 286 to 138.  Already passed in the Senate, the bill will go to President Obama to be signed.  It will renew the act for five years, and provide $659 million for various programs designed to target domestic violence.

Thank you, Mr. Nunes, for voting in favor.  Now be sure some of those resources get into your district.  As a 9-1-1 dispatcher, I know we need them.

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