FLOTUS / Subway Deal Irks Right Wing 1/27/14

FLOTUS_SubwayOn January 23, the White House posted a press release announcing a three year program with the Subway sandwich chain to promote healthy choices for children.

The First Lady, seen in this picture with Olympic medalist Michael Phelps, and “famous fan” Justin Tuck, has teamed with Subway as part of her association with Partnership for a Healthier America, to promote healthier choices to America’s children.

Well, the wingnuts in the conservative world aren’t happy with that!  How dare she tell kids they need to eat better, and exercise more!  Who does she think she is?  A mother??

In their now familiar knee-jerk reaction to anything the First Lady says or does, some conservatives across the country are calling for a boycott of Subway, and calling the First Lady names in the process.  (Yes, I know I called them a name – wingnuts. Thank you. I’m not above a little “turn about is fair play”.  You’ll notice it’s a generalization though, and not directed at any specific person.)

Comments from Subway’s Facebook page:

You have Michelle Obama’s face in your stores and I am NOT coming back. I still have not been back to Cracker barrel since that stunt with Phil Robertson even though they apologized.

Having anything to do with the worst lady is reason to lose my support.

Out of touch with reality much, Subway? Do you not realize how many people will lose their appetite at the sight of Michelle Obama plastered on your wall? I, for one, will not subject myself to that experience. Goodbye, Subway.

I will never eat there again. And will encourage everyone I know to never eat there again! We are a family of 6 and eat at subway regularly. We have also bought 6 foot subs and many party platters over the years. Please do not put a picture of that nasty excuse for a human being up in your resturaunt!!

I like Subway…but as long as that ugly person’s picture is in your stores, I will NOT buy from you. A lot of other places to get a sandwich.

There were a lot of comments calling the First Lady a name, like the one below, but I think you get the gist of things –

My kids don’t watch Sesame Street anymore because Moochelle Obummer is on at random times! I don’t want them in my home nor at my meals!! Get real !!! No more subway for this family!!

So the wingnuts  are all up in arms over Subway and the First Lady promoting an anti-obesity lifestyle.  (I hesitate to call them conservatives, since I know a lot of people with that political orientation and they’re good folks, but even though not all conservatives are wingnuts, all wingnuts are conservatives.  I’m trying here to use as many “dog whistle” terms as I can, ‘wingnuts’, ‘orientation’, and ‘lifestyle’ – on purpose)

Stop and think about that for a second.  They’re saying don’t eat at Subway, because the wife of the President says Subway promotes healthier choices.  That must be un-American!  Or something.  It’s difficult for rational people to make sense of wingnut thought processes.

You know, I don’t recall any liberal boycott of libraries, or of reading, when First Lady Laura Bush was promoting literacy.  Many liberals found George W. to be a lousy President (me included), but there were no calls from anyone to refuse to go into a library or buy a book.  The programs of the First Lady over the years are usually seen as non-political, and treated as such.  This First Lady, however, is treated like none have ever been treated before.  Boycott Subway because Michelle Obama is working to reduce childhood obesity?  It’s shameful and idiotic.

I’m already a regular customer of Subway.  I suppose I’ll have to step up my patronage somehow, just to say “thanks, Subway!”

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