Illinois 15, Hawaii 16 11/9/13

No, that’s not a score, and this is not a game report.  I’m not particularly into most sports, although occasionally I’ll watch a game just to see if the team that’s behind can pull out a victory.  Sometimes I’ll watch because a friend or a relative is watching, and it’s just a good way to spend some time with them.  I’m not vested in any particular team, so at the end of the game, I’m neither ecstatic, nor despondent. (although I’m a bit disappointed in Mt. Whitney’s loss to Redwood in the Cowhide game Friday night. Whitney Class of ’76 here.)

But like I said, this is not a post about sports, although I am feeling like my team just won another big game.  New Jersey was 14, Illinois was 15, and Hawaii will make 16.  Sixteen states, and the District of Columbia, are now firmly in the column marked “marriage equality”.

Both Illinois and Hawaii will hold further legislative actions on their bills, to approve minor differences between each house’s versions, but those are viewed as mere formalities, with no chance of anything stopping the bills from reaching their respective Governor’s desks.  Both have indicated they will sign the bills as soon as they arrive.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to lament that it’s the end of civilization if the gays can get married.  Marriage equality is the law of the land in an increasing number of places around the United States, and miracle of miracles, the world hasn’t ended.  Nobody’s filed for divorce because the gays can get married (as far as I’ve heard, anyway), the stock market keeps heading generally up, corporate earnings are better than ever, job creation continues to improve, and while some killer storms have hit, it’s pretty clear those are our own doing, and not some cosmic retribution from an enraged deity.  Despite what the televangelists and fire-and-brimstone preachers froth over, heaven doesn’t seem concerned, and “God”, if he exists, doesn’t appear interested in the marriage plans of Adam and Eve, Amanda and Eve, or Adam and Steve.

That clicking you may hear is the sound of marriage equality dominoes falling faster and faster.  Sixteen down, thirty-four to go.

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