June is LGBT Pride Month in Visalia 6/4/13

Yesterday, June 3, 2013, the Visalia City Council issued a proclamation declaring June LGBT Pride Month in Visalia.  I was honored to accept the proclamation on behalf of the LGBT community from Mayor Amy Shuklian.

This is the second year the city has issued such a proclamation, which recognizes the  lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered citizens of Visalia.

Visalia, at the time of last night’s presentation, was the only city or county body in the central valley to recognize the LGBT community with such a proclamation.  Fresno, Bakersfield, and all the communities in between had yet to recognize a vibrant part of their citizenry.  Today, Tuesday June 4, that changes.  Porterville will follow Visalia’s leadership, and issue it’s first LGBT Pride Month proclamation at tonight’s city council meeting.  Just five years after being the only government body in the state of California to formally endorse Proposition 8 with a vote of the council, Porterville’s proclamation tonight will be a huge step forward for that city, Tulare County, and the central valley.

The City of Visalia’s leadership in the valley is a testament to the quality of our community’s elected  representatives, as typified by Mayor Shuklian, Vice-Mayor Steven Nelsen, Council members Warren Gubler, Greg Collins, and Bob Link.  The entire LGBT community of Visalia heartily thanks the council and the City of Visalia for this proclamation.

Some pictures of the event after the jump.

975983_10201158692787111_1316670564_o (1)

 An overflow crowd was present for the proclamation.


Some of the crowd stayed to join in a group photo.

580493_581735331865999_1986628009_n (1)

It was my honor to accept the proclamation on behalf of the LGBT community in Visalia.


After the proclamation, on the lawn of City Hall.

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