Nunes’ government site posts image insulting to transgender community 9/30/14

Johnny Depp as Ed Wood

In a display of incredible insensitivity and insult, Devin Nunes, on his official Congressional website, used the above picture in “The Nunes Digest” to link to a report of the California legislature passing a bill allowing death certificates to reflect the expressed gender of the decedent.

It’s already difficult enough for transgender individuals to navigate life’s slings and arrows, but to have a Congressman post such an insulting image to represent them is deplorable.  The picture of Depp as Ed Wood does not reflect what transgender is, but is clearly an a snarky put-down of both a Democratic attempt to respect a group of citizens long treated poorly by society, and of that group itself.  Nunes should be ashamed.

Here’s a screen capture of the post lest it disappear:

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.29.14 PM


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