WWJD 3/17/14

JesusSadHave you been reading the comments on my blogs from individuals who present themselves as Christians?  It really riles up a few of them when homosexuality is discussed.  (Which is quite often, since my blogs regularly deal with the subject.  I hadn’t intended that to be the case when the Times Delta invited me to be one of their community bloggers, but so much has been happening the past few years that affects LGBT community at large that it’s ended up that way)

My last two posts, about the Montgomery family from Bakersfield, have brought out several people who undoubtably think they have a firm grasp on exactly what Jesus thinks about the matter.

The Montgomerys are a devout Mormon family who, when asked by their church to join with other Mormons to fight for the passage of Proposition 8, did so as part of their understanding of their faith.  Some time after that, they discovered their 13 year old son was gay.  Their story is one of unlimited love for their son, and a intense desire to find a way to remain in a religion that seemed hostile to him.  The short film screened yesterday at the Tulare-Kings Counties PFLAG (parents, family and friends of lesbians and gays) was produced by the Family Acceptance Project, and featured the Montgomery family.

In the comment sections of my blogs, several “Christians” take me, the LGBT community, and the Montgomerys, to task.  Calling us mentally ill, perverted, and hypocrites, one anonymous writer (the Facebook name he uses is false, several of us who have been regulars on the online forums for years know his real name)  has made it his regular hobby to make snide, rude, and decidedly un-Christian comments on many things I post.  You’d think he’d ignore me, but apparently he just can’t.  Other posters love to post long ‘copy and paste’ sections from (often) un-cited other sources to list how terrible the LGBT community is, from ridiculous claims of the numbers of sexual partners to the incidence of disease to claims of early death, all of which have been thoroughly debunked.  They’ll also post long sections of the Bible to prove how bad we are, but when confronted with simple evidence that to a rational mind would discredit most of what they say, they simply say we don’t understand, that “God” has not, in effect, given us the secret decoder ring.  They really get annoyed when I, as an atheist, quote their own scriptures.  The attitude is they can quote the Bible, but I can’t.  Especially when it says something inconveniently opposite to what they’ve just posted.

So, I wonder, if Jesus were real, and if he was the prince of peace so many claim, what would he do if he read my blogs?  Would he call us perverts?  Would he say we’re mentally ill?  Would Jesus follow the lead of “Sam”, “Foster”, and others who hide behind computer keyboards and deign to speak for him?  Maybe the Jesus of these folks is different from the one I grew up with as a child.  Whatever he is, or is claimed to be (for I don’t believe he was a real person to begin with, nor a god), I’m reminded of a quote attributed to Mahatma Ghandi, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  Whether Ghandi said it or not, the sentiment is unfortunately very often true.

Especially online.

Cue outrage.

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