Send in the clowns… oh, wait…


I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.  The GOP controlled House of Representatives has voted and passed H.R. 5759, the “Executive Amnesty Prevention Act of 2014“.

Suddenly the Republican party is outraged, just outraged I tell you, over President Obama’s response to their refusal to do their jobs.  They’ve passed this item, much like the 54 votes they taken against the Affordable Care Act, with no hope of it ever passing the Senate, or seeing a Presidential signature.

But, by golly, they’ve let “King Obama” know in no uncertain terms that he’s not permitted to do exactly the same thing that Bush the First, Bush the Lesser, Saint Ronald, and, oh, every other President in like forever, has done.  Nosiree, not THIS President!  He’s went and gone too far, and they’re not having it!

How dare “King Obama” actually, you know, run the executive branch of the Federal Government.  (Especially since they won’t do their jobs and pass laws about the very thing they’re passing a bill condemning.  You really have to wonder about this crowd.)

A CEO of a large company (or the boss of a small one) gets to decide how the resources he has available will be deployed.  A county Sheriff gets to decide where his gang violence task force focuses their attention.  A police officer gets to decide if he writes you a ticket, or lets you off with a warning.  Nobody seems to have a problem with that, but this is “King Obama”, and the GOP can’t accept anything he does.  (even though their cronies on Wall Street are making money hand over fist, the housing market is on the rise, the Dow is at record highs, corporate profits are mind-bogglingly obscene, the 1% is raking it in, and Osama bin Ladin is dead)

So.  The Republican House has passed H.R. 5759, saying the President can’t do what Presidents have done since George Washington (well, at this President can’t.  They didn’t make a peep when George did it just a few years ago. Selective amnesia?).  They can tack it up next to the 54 votes they’ve taken against the Affordable Care Act, since none will go anywhere in the Senate.

And of course, our own Devin Nunes voted yes on this bizarre waste of time.

It’s a shame the GOP spends all of it’s time and effort on such nonsense, instead of sitting down and actually working out a compromise bill that addresses the issues.  You know, the way Congress used to do, as recently as President Reagan’s administration.  He and Tip O’Neill actually used to work things out, and get things done.  It seems the Tea Party crowd has so wrecked the Republican party by electing extremists that nothing will get accomplished of any note until the GOP ages out, and the ‘baggers all die off.  I hope the nation can survive them.

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