California GOP recognizes gay group



In a move sure to cause heart palpitations in local conservative stalwarts, California’s Republican party has voted to recognize a gay group.   The Log Cabin Republicans, a 38 year old organization that up to now has lived Rodney Dangerfield’s lament of “can’t get no respect”, has finally won a smidgeon.  In a Sunday vote at their bi-annual convention in Sacramento, the tally was 861 to 293 to admit that there are some people who are both gay and Republican, and grant them formal recognition.

Locked out of most GOP functions, including the recently completed Conservative Political Action Committee hoo-haw in Maryland, this toe-in-the-door is being spun as proof the party had changed.  Charles Moran, Chairman of the California Log Cabin group, said  “A lot of us knew we were Republican before we knew we were gay, so this is home for us,” and that with the recognition, “the left will not be able to say to us anymore, ‘The Republican Party doesn’t want you,’ ” reported the L.A. Times.  I have some bad news for him.

Moran is clearly overlooking the current state of affairs in Republican circles across the country.  In nearly every state legislature that Republicans control, bills are being introduced to try and roll back anti-discrimination laws or regulations, override county and city ordinances designed to ban discrimination, or throw monkey wrenches into same-sex weddings conducted by local governments.  The fact that California’s GOP has ‘welcomed’ the Log Cabin Republicans with this recognition will probably simply serve to intensify the alienation of California from the mainstream GOP.

This may be an attempt to widen the “tent”, and bring younger people into the Republican party.  Most independent surveys show young voters are quite comfortable with marriage equality and gay rights, and increasingly won’t support a party or it’s platform if it doesn’t also.  Perhaps California’s GOP, being from the state often derided by many on the right as being full of “fruits and nuts”, has begun to notice the writing on the wall.  We can hope the rest of the country follows suit, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

I’ll be particularly interested to see if local Republicans are as welcoming to conservative gays and lesbians (and there are plenty of them, believe it or not), or if they will continue to demonstrate their historic animus and neglect.  We’ll see if this baby step is the beginning of change in the party of Palin and Rand, McCain and Cruz, Conway and Fuller, not to mention Nunes and the Tea Baggers, or if it’s just a smoke screen to hide the continuing war against the LGBT community.

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