War on Women? Nunes votes YES

My congressional representative, Devin Nunes, joined with all but three of his fellow Republicans in the House, and voted on Friday to defund Planned Parenthood.  The attempt to cut funding will fail, as Republican Senators do not have enough votes to block a Democratic filibuster, and fall well short of the votes needed to override a Presidential veto.  This was mere political posturing, and if Nunes thinks voting to defund essential medical services for poor women across the country is a good idea, his judgement as a leader must be questioned.

The Congressional Budget Office projects access to medical care would be cut off for 600,000 patients, and result in thousands of unplanned births, if funding for Planned Parenthood were ended.  Federal law already prohibits the use of tax dollars for most abortions, permitting it only “in cases of rape or incest, as well as when a pregnant woman’s life is endangered by a physical disorder, illness, or injury,(ACLU)” so talk of reducing abortions funded by Federal tax dollars is an attempt at deflection.  The real reason for the vote is political pandering to the extreme right-wing base of the GOP.

It was disappointing to see Representative Nunes vote to deny funding, especially when it is so desperately needed in his district.  With the high rates of teen pregnancies and unwed mothers in Tulare County, you’d think he’d show the leadership required to tackle these problems head on.  Instead, he votes like a “good soldier”, and supports a false idea (destroying Planned Parenthood will reduce abortions), a useless vote (it will not pass in the Senate, or survive a Presidential veto, or manage a veto override), and takes part in what is merely a crass political move ahead of elections.

That’s not leadership, it’s just another salvo in the right-wing’s war on women.  Nunes seems content to be a soldier in that war, damage to his district be damned.

Planned Parenthood in Visalia can be found at 211 N. Stevenson Street. Their phone number is 877-855-7526.

Image: Congressman Devin Nunes official portrait 

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