The power of “The Gay”

I wonder if some people ever really listen to themselves? Take, for instance, the blather that pours forth from a lot of religious zealots regarding homosexuality.  To hear them talk, “THE GAY” must be the most powerful force in the Universe!

Franklin Graham (son of Billy), on Family Talk, a radio program of Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family recently said the following about gay children being welcomed into a Christian church, and the intentions of the congregation to be a positive influence: “And I thought to myself, they’re not going to influence those kids, those kids are going to influence those parents’ children.”  He also called gay Christians “the enemy”.

A church full of devout heterosexual Christians are, apparently, no match for a few gay kids.  No wonder they fight so fervently against GSAs at middle and high schools, or LGBT books in children’s libraries.  They’re convinced nothing can stand against the power of “THE GAY”.

Just how weak is their faith, anyway? The Bible speaks of moving mountains if one’s faith matched a mustard seed for size, but a few gay kids in a church?  The others are lost!

Here’s a news flash for Graham and his ilk:  gay kids don’t recruit other kids.  Gayness doesn’t work that way.  Any kid (or adult, for that matter) that comes out as gay was gay a long time ago.  In fact, they were born that way.

Now comes the chorus “there’s no scientific proof that people are born gay!  There’s been no scientific proof of a ‘gay gene’!” (and that is funny coming from folks who dismiss evolution and most of the rest of science).  But, to these folks, the power of “THE GAY” is, unscientifically, the most powerful of all forces.

There’s a fly in this ointment, however.  Almost every gay person I’ve ever met was raised by straight parents (only one exception that I’m aware of). I was raised by straight parents. Both my sisters are straight.  Everyone (again, mostly) I was around growing up was straight (if there were any homosexuals around, I was oblivious to them).  I even attended various local churches as a child, again surrounded (mostly) by heterosexuals.  With all that hetero influence going on, I still ended up gay.  Our local PFLAG chapter hosts parents, family, and friends of the LGBT community, and so far, nearly every one of them have been straight, too.  So much heterosexuality around.  Franklin Graham thinks a few gay kids, however, can – oh I don’t know – use their super-power-rainbow-vibes, and convert kids who would have otherwise turned out straight into raving homosexuals, hell-bent on recruiting other unsuspecting kids over to “THE GAY”.

I suppose Graham’s comments, directed at the faithful who already believe in fairy tales, are really only meant to further the Christian persecution complex.  They have to invent ever increasingly complex nonsense to foster the notion that it’s them against the world (even in America, where that society is almost three-quarters Christian).  The devil is after them, and isn’t above using children to further his goals.  Their faith must not be challenged, gay children and gay Christians must be seen as the enemy, and Graham’s interpretation of the myths of ancient cultures must be accepted as (pun intended) “gospel”.

The powers of heterosexuality, and those of God, are nothing compared to the abilities of a few gay kids.  Who would have thought?

Image: Fox News