VOTE! (but only once, and not for Trump)


Uncle Sam wants you to exercise your right to vote. You don’t want to disappoint him, do you? No, I didn’t think you did. Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  Find your local polling place, and if you haven’t already voted by mail, get yourself there and do your duty.  It’s the American thing to do.  You’re a good American, aren’t you? I thought so.

Since nobody asked, here’s how I’m voting on some of the major races around here.  If you’re as smart as I think you are, and I know you’re pretty smart, you’ll probably be voting the same way.  Great minds, and such.

Ok. President. Easy, right?  In any rational comparison, Hillary Clinton wins, hands down. Trump cannot become President.  This is not some horror movie we’ve found in the darker corners of Netflix, this is the Presidency of the United States. Uncle Sam and I don’t care how much you might dislike Clinton, we both know you can’t really think Trump can do the job, right?  His ‘business smarts’ are a joke, his vendors are cheated on a regular basis, he’s one of the few people to go bankrupt running casinos, and he seems to have an absolutely insane fascination with tyrants, Russia’s former KGB darling Putin at the top of his list.  You’ve got to know Clinton has personal relationships with most world leaders, knows what’s going on, and can hold her own in international negotiations.  Trump would be eaten alive, his boasts about negotiating skills not withstanding.

California Congressional District 22.  Another easy vote, for Louie Campos.  Devin Nunes, the Republican who rejects the solidly accepted scientific consensus that climate change is real, and human activity is a major driving factor, has been in Congress since 2003. During that time, his district has been the #1 or #2 agricultural producing county in the United States, while simultaneously being one of the poorest counties in California.  I don’t know what Nunes has been doing in D.C. all these years (other than working his way up the food chain in the GOP), but he hasn’t been doing much for his constituents.  It’s time for a change.

Measure N.  Gee, another easy choice. YES.  Five cents on every ten dollars.  We enjoy a rare quality of life in Visalia, also known as the “jewel of the valley”, and as we all know, quality doesn’t come cheap.  Sacramento keeps raiding our treasury, and sending us the bills for their projects, and that doesn’t look to change. Measure N at least insures we can take steps to maintain our jewel in the manner in which it deserves.

Prop 56. Yes. I have no problem taxing the heck out of tobacco.

Prop 57. Yes. I really didn’t like the ‘No on 57’ scare tactics.  What we’ve been doing hasn’t been working, and it’s cost us a bundle to fail as miserably as we have. Time to try something different.

Prop 61. No. I’m concerned the drug companies will turn around and really take us to the cleaners on this one, just out of spite.

Prop 62. Yes.  While plenty of people on death row deserve it, we’ve seen an alarming number of death row inmates exonerated to trust the system any longer.  Life in prison is much more a punishment, anyway, than execution.

Prop 63. Yes. Guns don’t kill people, bullets do. I have no problem with regulating dangerous products, or restricting some people from owning them.

Prop 64. Yes.  The war on pot has had too much collateral damage.  We need to try something different.

Prop 66. No. Again, we’ve seen death row convictions overturned on DNA evidence. Speeding up the process doesn’t insure our safety, it just means we’ll kill people, some of whom are actually innocent, quicker.

Prop 67. Yes. Get rid of those plastic bags.  They’re a clear and present danger to our environment.

So, remember to vote. But don’t listen to (or vote for) Donald Trump, and try to vote more than once. Be sure of your choices, then mark that ballot.  Once.  Remember, Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to voting. Or much of anything else, for that matter.

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