Nunes overruled in House vote


Yesterday, Devin Nunes voted “AYE” on the Hartzler Amendment, a part of the National Defense Authorization Act.  According to The HillThe amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was filed by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.). It would make it so “funds available to the Department of Defense may not be used to provide medical treatment (other than mental health treatment) related to gender transition to a person entitled to medical care.”  This would have had the effect of removing  access to existing medical treatments for a specific group of military personnel and their dependents.

The amendment failed, with a vote of 209 in favor to 214 opposed (with 10 not voting).

Nunes voted in favor of this spiteful amendment, but fortunately cooler heads prevailed (who would have thought we’d be saying that about THIS Congress??) and overruled him. Transgender service personnel will continue to receive the medical care they and their dependents need and deserve.

Locally, The Source LGBT+ Center is available with support and resources for transgender individuals and their families and friends.  The Source is open Tuesday through Friday, 3pm to 6pm at 208 W. Main, Suite B (downstairs), Visalia. (The Montgomery Square building)

Phone number 559-429-4277

Web page

Facebook at

If you want to call Nunes’ office to express your disappointment in his vote, the Visalia number is 559-733-3861

Image: United States House of Representatives

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