Diplomats, Syria, DACA, White House – Trump insanity continues


The United States has expelled 60 Russian “diplomats” in response to Russia’s poisoning of two people in the United Kingdom. The State Department confirms to Oren Dorell, after Russian sources reported it, that Russia is free to replace those expelled. Net result: Nothing. We just get new spies to replace the old ones. Winning, right? Score one for Putin.

On Syria, President Trump declared “We’ll be coming out of Syria like very soon” at a recent event designed to tout his infrastructure plans. Who wants the US out of Syria (besides Syria)? Putin. Score two. He’s certainly winning with this President. So is ISIS.

On Easter Sunday, he Tweeted: “These big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of DACA. They want in on the act!”

Except, of course, that DACA only applies to people brought here as children and who have been here since 2007. People who enter the United States now are not eligible. You’d think the President would be aware of that fact. Apparently not. More winning?

On Easter he also made comments about the White House. The Hill reports:

President Trump thanked the White House Historical Association and “all of the people who work so hard with Melania, everybody, to keep this incredible house, or building, or whatever you want to call it because there really is no name for it.”

“It is special, and we keep it in tip-top shape,” he said. “We call it sometimes ‘tippy-top’ shape. And it’s a great, great place.”

“House. Building. Whatever you want to call it, because there really is no name for it.” Well, yes, there is a name for it. Several, in fact. It is a building. It’s called “The White House”. It’s also known as the Executive Mansion. Sometimes “The People’s House”. And Melania is keeping it in “tippy-top shape”. Good job, Melania.

Can you imagine the conniption fits there would have been on Fox “News” and the rest of the right-wing echo chamber, if President Obama had made such comments? They went ballistic when, during the campaign in 2008, he said he would consider talking to people like Kim Jong-un. They couldn’t understand how anyone could sit down and talk with a communist dictator. But when Trump recently announced he was meeting with the North Korean leader, they were effusive in their praise for his diplomatic skills… a big “win”. How times change.

Oh, by the way… if you’re looking for work, be sure your resume is updated. There are a lot of high-level jobs available in Washington, D.C. right now. (Don’t worry if you’ve padded it a bit, they don’t really bother to check.) Also, if you’re a lawyer, I hear there are openings at the White House. Be sure you’re about ready to retire, though. It doesn’t seem like a gig there right now translates into a career boost after you leave. And don’t buy a house in the D.C. area. You won’t be there that long.

Image: Associated Press