Nunes upset at Twitter, threatens court action, but blocks constituents himself


Devin Nunes is threatening court action against Twitter for allegedly “shadow-banning” his account, along with those of three other conservative lawmakers. Twitter basically said their algorithm, designed to ferret out fake accounts and bots, made Nunes’ and the other’s not show up in searches due to too many connections to fake accounts and re-tweeting fake stories or bot tweets. Imagine that. You could still go directly to his page, but it didn’t show up in searches. Devin was not happy about that, and is now in full-on-conspiracy-theorist mode. Twitter is being mean to him, and he wants a judge to tell them to stop, even though Twitter has fixed the problem.

I would just shake my head and continue to promote Andrew Janz to replace Nunes in November’s election, but the hypocrisy of his “poor little old me being mistreated by big bad Twitter” is just too much.

Nunes has blocked me, a constituent, from his Twitter for some time now. What’s especially curious is that Nunes took this action well before I knew he had a persona account (@DevinNunes). He had to hunt up my username (@KC6YRU) to block me. The very first time I tried to see his page, I was already blocked. I’m not blocked from his “official” Congressional Twitter (@RepDevinNunes), but his last post there was April 19. He doesn’t use it.

Some months ago I sent an email to Nunes’, via his Congressional web page, asking why I was blocked. I’ve never received a reply. Even after a Federal judge ruled that President Trump could not block people from his personal feed, Nunes still has his blocks up.

I’m afraid I see Nunes’ complaints against Twitter as crocodile tears. He really can’t be complaining about being blocked from Twitter when he’s blocking his own constituents.

Sauce for the goose, Devin. Sauce for the goose.

6 year old detained child molested, told to “maintain appropriate boundaries”


A six year old child was molested by another, older child, according to reports. The action taken by the private contractor holding this child, separated from her mother by ICE?  Counseling to “Maintain my distance from the other youth involved”, and told to sign a document that stated “I understand it’s my responsibility to maintain proper boundaries with peers/workers”.

Six years old. Told to stay away from the molester.

This is what happens when you turn your country over to a man who cheats on every woman he ever married (and probably ever dated), pays off women with whom he has had affairs, and has stated he would (probably) date his own daughter.

The United States has sunk to indescribable lows, and all within less than two years.

If you voted for Trump, you own this. Aren’t you proud of how great America is?

But, hey… her emails.

Devin Nunes sees the future, and it scares him

Devin Nunes sees the writing on the wall, and he’s worried.

From an email blast he sent out today:

“The Blue Wave is growing. It’s building energy on the ground across the country and creating more momentum each day as the election approaches.”
“I’m afraid that if the mainstream media and extreme Left get their way, November will not go as planned for our conservative majority.”

He’s right. The Blue Wave IS growing, and it promises to be a major turning point in the current political scene that is Washington, D.C.

He sees the House going to the Democrats, and for the first time in his Congressional career, an opposing candidate has a good chance of unseating him. Andrew Janz is in striking distance, and the unfolding drama of the Mueller investigation has Nunes and those that still support him in a tizzy.

Nunes, Trump, and their fellow Republicans will become more shrill and incoherent as November approaches. Trump has already begun the attempts at distraction by Tweeting threats of war towards Iran. (this after several Tweets in the past predicting President Obama would attack Iran because of low ratings in opinion polls. Never happened, but Trump is not above doing what he accused others of planning.)

Nunes sees the future, and it does not bode well for him.

Trump Admin tried to derail WHO breast feeding resolution


First we heard they steal babies and children from their parents, and then lose them in a bureaucratic maze with no exit. Now we learn they  tried to interfere with the World Health Organization’s attempt to support and promote breastfeeding.

The New York Times, in the Sunday July 8 2018 edition, has an article  reporting the attempts by the United States last spring to scuttle a resolution that says “Based on decades of research,… mother’s milk is healthiest for children and countries should strive to limit the inaccurate or misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes.

The NYT also reports “American officials sought to water down the resolution by removing language that called on governments to “protect, promote and support breast-feeding” and another passage that called on policymakers to restrict the promotion of food products that many experts say can have deleterious effects on young children.”

I detect profit motives at work here, don’t you? Nobody can charge Mom for their products if she’s making her own.

The United States representatives, it’s reported, threatened countries who supported the resolution with cuts to their foreign aid and military assistance programs. Ecuador was planning to introduce the resolution, but was strong-armed by the US to withdraw. Several other countries were also threatened.

In a bizarre case of “they’re just messing with us now”, Russia stepped up and introduced the measure. In an off-the-record comment, a Russian representative to the commission said, “we feel that it is wrong when a big country tries to push around some very small countries, especially on an issue that is really important for the rest of the world.”   The US did not, according to reporting, object or threaten the Russians, although they did try to delay the proceedings through procedural maneuvers. According to the NYT, the “American negotiators did get language removed that called on the W.H.O. to provide technical support to member states seeking to halt “inappropriate promotion of foods for infants and young children.”

That the United States would be against breastfeeding is something out of the Twilight Zone, but it’s Trump’s way of Making America Great Again. Apparently by taking those dangerous breasts away from babies.

Image: Associated Press 

July 4 – Civil War

I must have missed the memo. To where do I report for the July 4 Civil War that’s going to be started by us liberals? Is my BB gun weapon enough? It looks like a 9mm hand gun, but I don’t even have any BBs at the moment. I hope the stores haven’t run out, I’m sure there must have been a run on them by now.

Alex Jones says we liberals are going to launch a civil war this Wednesday. Totally coincidentally, Jones sells lots of survivalist gear on his site, so after you watch his war warnings, you can go buy all the stuff you’ll need to survive this holocaust. Best choose the “overnight shipping” option, though.

I suppose my best contribution will be in the communications/radio tent. I can dispatch the hell out of this war, but I’ll need all the secret codes and unit designators so I know who I’m talking to and what I’m telling them. I’d hate to get something wrong, and have Bravo Unit attack a Starbucks, rather than the Walmart.

Image: Alex Jones Twitter