Nunes upset at Twitter, threatens court action, but blocks constituents himself


Devin Nunes is threatening court action against Twitter for allegedly “shadow-banning” his account, along with those of three other conservative lawmakers. Twitter basically said their algorithm, designed to ferret out fake accounts and bots, made Nunes’ and the other’s not show up in searches due to too many connections to fake accounts and re-tweeting fake stories or bot tweets. Imagine that. You could still go directly to his page, but it didn’t show up in searches. Devin was not happy about that, and is now in full-on-conspiracy-theorist mode. Twitter is being mean to him, and he wants a judge to tell them to stop, even though Twitter has fixed the problem.

I would just shake my head and continue to promote Andrew Janz to replace Nunes in November’s election, but the hypocrisy of his “poor little old me being mistreated by big bad Twitter” is just too much.

Nunes has blocked me, a constituent, from his Twitter for some time now. What’s especially curious is that Nunes took this action well before I knew he had a persona account (@DevinNunes). He had to hunt up my username (@KC6YRU) to block me. The very first time I tried to see his page, I was already blocked. I’m not blocked from his “official” Congressional Twitter (@RepDevinNunes), but his last post there was April 19. He doesn’t use it.

Some months ago I sent an email to Nunes’, via his Congressional web page, asking why I was blocked. I’ve never received a reply. Even after a Federal judge ruled that President Trump could not block people from his personal feed, Nunes still has his blocks up.

I’m afraid I see Nunes’ complaints against Twitter as crocodile tears. He really can’t be complaining about being blocked from Twitter when he’s blocking his own constituents.

Sauce for the goose, Devin. Sauce for the goose.

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