Nunes decries Democratic big money, silent on “QUADRUPLE-MATCH” source


For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting emails from Devin Nunes (and a bunch of other GOP shills – they’re obviously sharing my email address amongst themselves) begging for money. Today’s email promises, in capital letters, that any donation will be “QUADRUPLE-MATCHED”!!!!!!  (explanation marks mine, added for the fervor I think Devin is trying to generate.)

Nunes has been complaining lately that his opponent, Andrew Janz, has appeared at fund raisers in the Bay area and taken money from ‘radical leftist activists’. He’s conveniently forgotten to mention he’s done the same thing (well, I doubt he’s got any money from ‘radical leftist activists, but he’s been seen begging money from the few rich right-wingers in the Bay area), and that most of his treasure chest of millions is not from donors inside his district.

I have just one question for Devin Nunes:

Who is funding the “QUADRUPLE MATCH”?

Here’s the entire email:

You missed yesterday’s critical deadline.

BUT, because it is critical that we maximize your support, I’m authorizing the QUADRUPLE-MATCH deadline to be extended for 4 more hours.

Take a Stand Now

I’m calling on every Conservative to step up and help President Trump and our majority defeat the radical left.

Radical left-wing liberals like Michael Avenatti have tried to take down President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh with vicious attacks, while the Hollywood and San Francisco elite are pouring millions of dollars into Democrat coffers.

But, the radical left’s many failed attempts to take over our majority shows just how vulnerable they are.

We can win in November and defeat the resistance. But, I need you to step up now!

Contribute immediately to support President Trump and our Conservative majority!

Thank you,

Devin Nunes

So, Devin…  who’s funding the match? Dark money much? And what do those funders get for their money?

National Coming Out Day is Oct. 11



Posted today on the Facebook page of The Source LGBT+ Center:

“National Coming Out day began in 1988 as a way to celebrate coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or ally, in the face of stigma, discrimination, and the AIDS epidemic. The Source LGBT+ Center owes a debt of gratitude to those who came out before us to pave the way for further acceptance and inclusion for all LGBT+ people.”

From the Wikipeadia page on National Coming Out Day:

“National Coming Out Day is observed annually to celebrate coming out and to raise awareness of the LGBT community and civil rights movement. The first decades of observances were marked by private and public people coming out, often in the media, to raise awareness and let the mainstream know that everyone knows at least one person who is lesbian or gay.”

The Source LGBT+ Center is a great place to obtain information, find resources, meet individuals from the LGBT and allied communities, and to just hang out. If you are contemplating coming out, have just recently came out, or have been out for a long time, The Source LGBT+ Center is available to support you. Our motto is “you don’t have to be out to come in!”

Thursday, October 11, will be this month’s Kings County Pop-up Center. We’ll be at the Kings County Behavioral Health Center meeting room, 450 Kings County Drive, Suite 104. The center will be open from 6pm to 8pm, with a guest speaker, Peter Robertson, who will be sharing Fresno-related LGBTQ historical recollections spanning 30 years.

As a student attending Fresno State, he was a founding member of United Student Pride (1987). Later, he co-founded Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival (1990), and served as a grand marshal for the inaugural Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade (1991).

Most recently, he was selected the keynote alumni speaker for the inaugural Rainbow Graduation Celebration (2014), and established the Rainbow Alumni and Allies Club (2015).

Admission is free. Refreshments and a light meal will be provided. Bring a friend. Please join us.

Visalia Over The Edge Fundraiser In Full Swing


Fundraising is in full swing for November’s Visalia Over the Edge event, to be hosted by the Marriott Hotel. On November 10, up to 92 people will rappel down the side of the building, raising funds for The Source LGBT+ Center.

Sixty-eight individuals have already signed up, and with a minimum goal of $1,000 to rappel, are well on their way to their November date with destiny. Ninety-two slots are available, so anyone who wants to sign up and join the bold and the brave can do so at Visalia Over The Edge. Ten participants have already surpassed the $1,000 level, with two doubling that, and well on their way to $3,000!

The fundraising is dedicated to The Source LGBT+ Center. Monies raised will go to support the daily operations of the drop-in center, located in the basement of the Montgomery Square building, 208 W. Main St., Suite B, Visalia, and to begin the search for a “forever home”. The current space is not enough, and the center is looking to find a larger facility.

Individual rappellers can be found listed at this site. Check it out, and if you recognize anyone, click on their name and donate! (Of course, since I’m here asking you for money, too, if you donate to someone else, you’ll donate a few bucks to me as a consolation prize, right?)  Teams are also available to support, so check them out as well. Don’t recognize anyone? That’s OK, you know me from here, so just click on my name! 😉

This is a great way to support The Source, and challenge yourself or someone you think needs to be thrown off the top of one of Visalia’s tallest buildings. My theme is “toss the dispatcher off the building! But don’t call 9-1-1!” I’m hoping some of the people I tell “where to go” (deputies and officers) will join in the fun, and toss me some money for The Source.  Did I mention I’m a bit uneasy about heights? Especially from high places? Like tall buildings? True.

I’m doing it anyway. The incredible services provided by The Source are important and needed, and meeting a challenge like jumping from the top floor of the Marriott is worth every nervous laugh and bead of sweat that results.

Here are some quick links:

Visalia Over The Edge

Visalia Over The Edge, my page

Visalia Over The Edge, list of participants

The Source LGBT+ Center web page

The Source LGBT+ Center Facebook

Visalia Over The Edge Facebook event page

Trump calls National Anthem by wrong name


This came in my email today, from the Trump/Pence Campaign.


Just after we heard a sitting governor trash America, ESPN has now decided it will no longer play the National Anthem before Monday Night Football.

If “America” is too offensive for anyone in our country, then what are they doing in America?

I’m calling on you to join me in denouncing this SPINELESS surrender to the politically correct liberal mob.

The email was supposedly signed and sent by Donald Trump. A picture of him was even included.

For heavens’s sake, doesn’t ANYONE in the Trump circus know the national anthem is “The Star Spangled Banner“? Although perhaps a better choice, “America (the beautiful)” isn’t the anthem. It probably never will be, since the tune is the same as “God Save The Queen (King)“, and heaven forbid we have the same tune as the Brits. (although I’ve heard the tune for the Star Spangled Banner is that of an old drinking song from Great Britain, so maybe it’s not such a barrier, after all.)

Oh, and by the way, “President” Trump, the NFL didn’t start playing the anthem before games until the Pentagon paid them as part an advertising campaign. Their patriotism is bought and paid for.


You know that scene in Back to the Future 3, where the locomotive is flying off the uncompleted bridge over Shonash Ravine? That’s where the Trump train is right now. Trumpsters had a chance to get off back at the switch, but they insistently stayed on board, and now their tickets are about to be punched. All that’s left is to clean up the mess at the bottom of the ravine, once the fires are put out. It’s going to be a long and tedious job. Fortunately for the rest of us, Robert Mueller is going to be doing most of the heavy lifting, and the blue wave will put out most of the fires.

The second verse of The Star Spangle Banner seems prophetic to today’s darkness:

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


Everybody into the pool! Or not.


I wish I could have been at the City Council meeting when this was discussed. As I’ve read the news accounts of the proposal, I wonder about two things that (hopefully) were explained there but didn’t make it into print.

First, $15 million to build it? How can a “cement pond”, to borrow a phrase from the Beverly Hillbillies, cost $15 million? The dispatch center was $11 million, how is a pool more than that? Are we talking a pool within a building? Locker rooms and plumbing facilities, sure, but are we putting the entire thing indoors?

Second, $60,000 a month to operate? I’m assuming the city will get a bulk purchase deal on the chlorine. The parking lot (which will need to by huge, BTW) will be under solar panels to generate power, just like the new dispatch center, right? Not enough to run the pumps and filters, I take it. Just what is going to be costing $60,000 a month?

At any rate, an Olympic pool would be great for Visalia, and I hope the powers that be figure out some way to make it work. They made the Raddison/Marriott hotel work, kept Kaweah Delta downtown, and put in a sports park. Surely they can make a competition-class pool work as well. Not everything needs to make money, some things are valuable in ways not measurable on profit-and-loss statements.

Image: Associated Press

Space Force, but no nukes


So which will it be?

“Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise…” – Captain James T. Kirk (or for the slightly younger set, Captain Jean-Luc Picard)


“I do not fear the dark side, as you do. I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new empire.” – Darth Vader

Has anyone told Hair Furor Trump that the United Nations Treaty on Outer Space prohibits the use of nuclear weapons in space? Does anyone really think he’s proposing a space force without our ultimate weapons being available? They’re the biggest toy in that toy box, and there’s no way he’s not going to play with them.

Between NASA, the space programs of the Air Force,  SpaceX, and the other private spaceflight companies, I think we’ve got space pretty well covered.

Somebody tell Space Cadet Trump that we can’t afford to have a space force if we have his military parade. I’ll bet he’ll pick the parade.

I don’t for a minute think it’s going to be “phasers on stun”. With Trump on the bridge, it’s going to be “pew pew pew”.  Maybe he can borrow Rick Moranis’ helmet.

Trump: CA wildfires worse because rivers flow to ocean


“California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren’t allowing massive amount of readily available water to be properly utilized. It is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Must also tree clear to stop fire spreading!” – the President of the United States of America

I took a screen shot of this tweet so that if he decides to delete it once he figures out how idiotic it makes him look, I’ll have evidence it happened. He’s done that before, and in violation of the records act. Laws don’t apply to Hair Furor, or so he seems to think. (NO COLLUSION!)

Trump claims a river that runs to the ocean is “being diverted”. Rivers normally do that, it’s kind of their thing. The diversion occurs when we use it for irrigation and drinking.

He thinks environmental laws prevent water from being used to fight fires. This may come as a surprise to the exceptional firefighters working those blazes right now.

No matter how ridiculous his tweets become, just when you think he can’t get any worse, he proves you wrong.

Next week’s news must need some serious deflection, if this is what he comes up with on Sunday.

#MAGA Making America Groan Again. Again.


Trump: I wasn’t late, she was late!


He just can’t tell the truth. No matter the issue, he has to lie. It has to be a pathological disorder.

“I landed and I’m on the ground and I’m waiting with the king’s and the queen’s guards,” Trump told his supporters. “I’m waiting. I was about 15 minutes early and I’m waiting with my wife and that’s fine. Hey, it’s the queen, right? We can wait. But I’m a little early,” Trump said at a rally Thursday, August 2, 2018.

Donald has spent most of his adult life before the Internet existed, and it still hasn’t dawned on him that almost anything can be checked, easily, and in the moment. Like who was kept waiting at his first meeting with the Queen of our closest ally. Really, Donald. There’s video of Her Majesty standing patiently waiting for your helicopter to arrive. The British didn’t miss it when she checked her watch. It was live on the BBC.

You’ve got to hand it to the British press, though. They were circumspect in their reporting of the incident, saying it wasn’t clear if Trump were late or not. It’s pretty clear from the Queen’s demeanor and actions that he was. Then, like a guest that won’t leave no matter how many times you yawn, he drug out his scheduled 15 minute meeting to more than an hour. Regardless of what you think of the monarchy, and how a President of the United States should behave with a royal, it’s always a faux pas to keep a 92 year old lady waiting. It screams “I’m a jerk!”

After keeping her waiting, he went with her to review the guard. It’s not polite to walk in front of a lady, Donald, especially when she’s the Queen. (Remember that incident at the White House, when he got out of the SUV and left poor Melania to get out on her side alone and walk around the truck, and try to catch up with him?) Look at that picture. She’s not amused, to paraphrase one of her predecessors. It’s a good thing the monarchy is only ceremonial these days, otherwise Trump might find his passport no longer valid in the United Kingdom!

Trump is a self-absorbed dolt, rude, and a liar.  And President of the United States of America. Aren’t you proud of him? #MAGA (make America groan again)

Image: Associated Press


Nunes upset at Twitter, threatens court action, but blocks constituents himself


Devin Nunes is threatening court action against Twitter for allegedly “shadow-banning” his account, along with those of three other conservative lawmakers. Twitter basically said their algorithm, designed to ferret out fake accounts and bots, made Nunes’ and the other’s not show up in searches due to too many connections to fake accounts and re-tweeting fake stories or bot tweets. Imagine that. You could still go directly to his page, but it didn’t show up in searches. Devin was not happy about that, and is now in full-on-conspiracy-theorist mode. Twitter is being mean to him, and he wants a judge to tell them to stop, even though Twitter has fixed the problem.

I would just shake my head and continue to promote Andrew Janz to replace Nunes in November’s election, but the hypocrisy of his “poor little old me being mistreated by big bad Twitter” is just too much.

Nunes has blocked me, a constituent, from his Twitter for some time now. What’s especially curious is that Nunes took this action well before I knew he had a persona account (@DevinNunes). He had to hunt up my username (@KC6YRU) to block me. The very first time I tried to see his page, I was already blocked. I’m not blocked from his “official” Congressional Twitter (@RepDevinNunes), but his last post there was April 19. He doesn’t use it.

Some months ago I sent an email to Nunes’, via his Congressional web page, asking why I was blocked. I’ve never received a reply. Even after a Federal judge ruled that President Trump could not block people from his personal feed, Nunes still has his blocks up.

I’m afraid I see Nunes’ complaints against Twitter as crocodile tears. He really can’t be complaining about being blocked from Twitter when he’s blocking his own constituents.

Sauce for the goose, Devin. Sauce for the goose.