Hey, GOP? I have some questions…


Hey, Representative Stefanik? Since Chairman Schiff understandably got tired of your party’s attempt to distract from today’s proceedings by repeatedly asking for unanimous consent, item by item, of news reports regarding him saying the whistle blower would appear before Congress, that you took your time during today’s hearing to simply read a list of media coverage of those comments rather than interview the witness before you, I have a question.

Why does the GOP suddenly want people to pay attention to the “fake news media”?

Seems all rather self-serving, you know?

Also, should we start up a Go Fund Me for Representative Jordan, to get him a suit jacket? I know Congressmen complain they don’t get paid enough, and raise their salary as often as they can, but why is he the only Congressman that seems not to take his job seriously enough to dress appropriately? His official picture shows him wearing a jacket, so I assume he has at least one, unless he borrowed it from the photographer.

All these continuing news articles about him ignoring reports of sexual improprieties back in Ohio, and this is the guy the GOP wants to run point on impeachment? Maybe it’s the proper counterpoint to the President’s own history of sexual misconduct.

One thing is certain, the elephants sure know how to put on a circus. At least the donkeys are trying to get to work, and plow some ground.

Russian spies storm Congress

Is fake news! Work of Moose and Squirrel!

Boy, the Internet is abuzz with news that Russian spies barged into a SCIF in the capitol building today. Claiming they were trying to prevent a Soviet-like… something, a group of duly-elected (probably, it’s still difficult to be certain) Republicans stormed a committee hearing in the basement of the Capitol building, claiming they were being locked out of the investigation of President Boris Badenov… err… Donald J. Trump.

The big problem? Aside from none of them being on the committee holding the hearing, they carried their phones into the meeting in a room that is a SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. Phones and other electronic devices are banned from SCIFs to prevent eavesdropping by our enemies.

That didn’t matter to these глупый. All they wanted was video and audio for their campaign to derail the impeachment proceedings against President Badenov… err… Trump.

Security be damned, they need video clips! Onward, comrades!