Funny stuff 11/27/14

I sometimes find the oddest things amusing.  Tonight is no different.  Someone, one particular someone it seems, has a bit of an infatuation with me.  Yeah, I find that strange, too.  Well, you know, maybe I’m more interesting than I give myself credit for!  😉   Anyway, someone has set themselves a task, it’s focused on me, and it’s funny to see it occur every time in response to a particular something I’ve done.  Today was, I think, the third time it’s happened.  You know the old saying…  “once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, but three times is a pattern”.  I see the pattern, I’m pretty sure I know who the fan is, and I’m just tickled pink (pun intended) that I have managed to rattle those particular chains. I may have to start doing that particular thing once or twice a day, just to see if they can keep up.
So, my dear fan, keep up the good work.  I’m sitting here enjoying myself to no end.

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