Porterville’s hate generating Proclamation 6/9/13

Here’s the Proclamation issued by Porterville’s very courageous Mayor Virginia Gurrola.



Mayor Gurrola issued the Proclamation in accordance with the rules and precedents of her office, much to the chagrin of many in that city.  Calls for the execution of homosexuals, repetition of a litany of false information from anti-gay websites, and direct hostility marked the open comment period of the city council meeting.  None of the other council members would support or sign the proclamation.  Several of them have said they were unhappy with the process, and will now be attempting to change the rules.  None have expressed any interest in signing any proclamation honoring the LGBT citizens of Porterville.  It turns out it isn’t the “process” they are upset with, it is the group recognized.  (Filipino-American Cultural Week, and Cinco de Mayo Week were fine.  LGBT Pride is not.)

Porterville, you haven’t come a long way, baby…

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