Putin on pins and needles

putin_Mikhail Klimentyev_The Associated Press via Sputnik_Kremlin Photo Pool

Vlad’s got to be wondering if the Republicans will have the decency to stay bought and, instead of going after his manipulations of the 2016 US election and dealings with the Trump campaign, focus their efforts on finding the “leaks” that let the kot out of the meshok.

Monday’s Congressional dog-and-pony, er… hearings…, led by our own Devin Nunes, who seemed confused about which agency is in charge of domestic matters and which conducts overseas surveillance, walked through a litany of “change the votes” questions. I don’t recall anyone claiming actual votes were changed by Russia after voters cast them. The charge has always  been the relentless focus of “fake news” and manipulation of social media to swing just enough votes in just the right places, to hand the win in the Electoral College to Trump. And, of course, the deal-making the Trump campaign did on sanctions, and to get the DNC’s emails (but not the RNC’s) dumped to Wikileaks.

At least we got the FBI and DOJ to go on the record shooting down 45’s nonsense about “wire tapping” at Trump Tower. I wonder if Hair Furor will continue to claim President Obama ordered the “tapp” (or asked the UK intelligence services to do it for him – that got a resounding ‘hrruummph’ out of the Brits), or if he and Sean Spicer will try to spin it away? He didn’t have much luck trying to drag Angela Merkel into his mess during her state visit to Washington. Maybe they’ll pull an old Trump standard out, and just deny he ever said or Tweeted it in the first place. More “fake news”, no doubt.

It must be interesting times in the Kremlin these days. Vlad is probably calling the Russian ambassador to the United States every hour for an update on which way the GOP’s winds are blowing. It’ll be interesting to see if the combination of relentless press questions, and the pressures being applied to the Republican members of Congress at town hall meetings across the country, produce any real results.

Which will it be, Republicans? Since you only seem able to do one thing at a time, will it be go after the criminals, or go after the leakers?

Image: Mikhail-Klimentyev/The-Associated-Press-via-Sputnik/Kremlin-Photo-Pool

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