Trump’s FCC just handed the Internet to the media giants

atombombThe FCC just voted to end Net Neutrality. In a party-line vote, Trump’s minions just handed the Internet in the United States over to media moguls, who will now turn your Internet access into a mirror of your cable service.

Want access to your email? Extra. Video streaming for your business meetings? Extra extra. Netflix? Way extra, with maybe a small discount if the program or movie you’re streaming is one of theirs. Want to watch BBC Online? Sorry, not offered. Here’s Faux News, instead.

Don’t believe the lies this administration is telling you. This does not “restore” any “freedom” to the Internet. This does not lift the shackles placed on innovation and creativity so cruelly placed there by the Obama administration. All this does is allow the ISPs to drain even more money from you, and to control what you have access to online.

It hadn’t occurred to me before I saw the Tweet that mentioned it, but say goodbye to your online “adult entertainment”, too.

This latest action makes it even more clear to me: If Obama did it, Trump is going to undo it. Doesn’t matter what it is, Trump’s (and his followers) hatred of all things Obama is the only real policy this administration has.

Start deciding now which things on the Internet you’re willing to pay more for, and which you’re willing to let go. Plan on those things you want being in the most expensive plans offered, and losing the off-beat, weird and wacky. Cat videos will probably be the most expensive of all.

Thanks, Hair Furor. Your legacy of destruction continues.

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