Nunes email claims wife, grandmother attacked


In an email today, Devin Nunes claims “the left” has attacked his wife and his grandmother:

This year, we’ve seen the true face of the left. They will stop at nothing to obstruct our conservative agenda and even attacked my wife and 98 year-old grandmother.”

To be clear, the “attack” on his wife was a FOIA (freedom of information act) request (by a private group, not Nunes’ opponent) for public information from her employer, a school district. The “attack” on his grandmother was a reporter knocking on her door while canvassing a neighborhood (the reporter says he didn’t know at the time the home was Nunes’ grandmother’s). The Fresno Bee says they haven’t talked to her in fifteen years.

Nunes is vulnerable this election and he knows it. In his panic to keep his job, he is deliberately misleading his constituents. Nunes is following Trump’s lead, making things up as he goes along regardless of what the facts are. When recognized in public, he runs.

It’s time the voters of CA22 retire Nunes, and let him get back to his family ‘farm’ (dairy). In Iowa.

I’m mailing in my ballot today, and you can be sure I’ve voted for Andrew Janz.

P.S. – Still no leads on where the “QUADRUPLE MATCH” funds are coming from.

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