Stand with Sweden in it’s darkest hour


Bowling Green. Atlanta. Sweden. The toll continues to climb, and only Donald J. Trump can save the world.

I’m just not sure which world that is, exactly.

I stopped by the White House web site this morning, and found this little gem on the biography page:  “Likewise, his entry into politics and public service resulted in the Presidential victory in, miraculously, his first ever run for office.” Except for that run in 2000 as a Reform Party candidate. Perhaps that’s another one of those “alternative facts” we’ve heard so much about lately.

Back to Sweden, though. Our thoughts, and the prayers of the religious among us, are with the Swedes today. We urge them to stand strong in the face of whatever it was that struck last week, and to know that we are with them. I would suggest they contact our embassy, but, as far as I know, Hair Furor fired the ambassador last month. I suppose a cultural attache will have to do for now.

Perhaps the survivors of Bowling Green and Atlanta can join together to offer support and guidance as the Swedes struggle to recover.

Special shout out to Fox News, for keeping the President informed of such tragedies. It’s clear the CIA and the NSA dropped the ball on this. No wonder the President’s Daily Briefings are held in such low esteem in 45’s White House.


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